Sensorwerks is a transducer services company.  On time delivery and quality is an emphasis at Sensorwerks. Sensorwerks is a complete solution that provides outsource transducer services for strain gage sensors. Sensorwerks can apply and bond strain gages to your sensing element, microscopic wiring, transducer repair, calibration, recalibration, machining, and cable assemblies.  

Sensorwerks supplies transducer services to design and build special strain gaging element assemblies and custom strain gage load cells to replace key components of machinery to measure torque, force, or pressure.  
Sensorwerks also designs and makes attachments for load cells and pressure transducers to adapt a standard
transducer to your application.  

Sensorwerks'  talented technicians can accurately place strain gagings, bond strain gages, and wire strain gages by microscopically soldering the strain gages  into your sensing flexure with so that you can measure forces in your equipment or process.   

Sensorwerks provides you unbiased transducer repair evaluations from expert transducer specialists. Sensorwerks does traditional precision CNC machining to meet your specialty component requirements whether it's one or thousands.

Sensorwerks can also provide you with precision transducer recalibration for your present transducer.

If you have need for a prototype sensor or other custom application call us at 614-219-1916 or contact us by email through the link below.  Lets discuss your needs for a custom design to meet your needs or gage your existing part.  

Our competitive pricing structure keeps your costs low.  Our quality technical experience and personnel  will serve you well with quality results you can be proud of.




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