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Pressure Transducer for Steam Sterilizers

Model: A2010
  • Replacements for transducers used on autoclave steam sterilizers.
  • Used on live stream controlled autoclaves for both hospital and industrial installations.
  • Compatible with AMSCO Eagle Series Controllers
  • Typical Range of 0-50 PSIA
  • Temperature Compensated to 250°F for operation with live steam pressure controllers 


The Model A-2010 is made from 17-4PH stainless steel with all-welded construction.   
The sensing diaphragm is mechanically isolated from the live steam to provide output stability during live steam pressure control.   
Products Specifications
Pressure Ranges 0-50 PSIA
Accuracy +/- 1% FS
Sensitivity /Output 3 millivolts/Volt
Resolution Infinite
Overload Pressure 150%
Temperature, Operating   0°F to 300°F
Temperature, Compensated 70°F to 250°F
Excitation(Calibrated) 10 Vdc  
Excitation(acceptable) 12 Vdc
Bridge Insulation Resistance >5000 megohms
Bridge Resistance 350 Ohms
Shunt Calibrated Data N/A
Wiring Code Red    +Excitation    
Black   -Excitation
Media Liquid on Gas Steam
Pressure Port 1/4-18 NPT outside thread
Material 17-4PH Stainless Steel
Weight 10 oz
Dimensions 1 1/2”  OD x 2.35” Long
Reference AMSCO 093908-907 with 10 ft of cable
Lead Time Stock to 4 weeks ARO
  Electrical- Integral four conductor color coded, shielded cable with polyurethane jacket Cable Length 10 ft


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