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Miniature Load Cell  (Tension and Compression)

Miniature Load Cell
Model: 131
  • 5 lb to 1000 lb
  • All-Welded Stainless Steel
  • Calibration in Tension and Compression 
  • Bonded Strain Gages                    

The Model 131 has an internal beam type of sensing element with welded stabilizing diaphragms to minimize off axis loading errors.
The top mounting stud on the low ranges is removable with optional thread sizes.   

Products Specifications
Load Ranges 5 lb to 1000 lb
Ranges / Dimensions 5 –10 lb            3/4” OD  x  0.46” High with a 6-32 Thread
25-100 lb           1”    OD  x  1/2”   High with a 10-32 Thread         
250-1000 lb       1”    OD  x  1/2”   High with a 1/4-28 UNFC Thread      
Deflection 0.001” at full scale (Contact factory for details)
Resonant Frequency 34 to 55 kHz depending on range
Non-Linearity & Hysteresis            +/- 0.15 % FS                    5-250 lb Ranges
+/- 0.5 % FS                     500-1000 lb Ranges
Non-Repeatability          +/-0.05 % FS                     All Ranges
Sensitivity / Output 2 millivolts/Volt     All Ranges
Resolution Infinite
Overload           150% Range
Zero Setting 2% FS
Temperature, Operating -65F to +250F
Temperature, Compensated 70-170F
Thermal Error, Zero 0.005% FS/°F
Thermal Error, Span 0.005% Reading/°F
Strain gage Type  
Excitation (Calibrated) 5.0 Vdc(max 10 Vdc Ranges above 25 lbs)
Insulation Resistance >5000 megoohms
Bridge Resistance 350 Ω
Weight 1 1/2 Ounces
  Standard Cable: 5 ft Integral TFE jacketed, four conductor, color coded, shielded cable


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